Ellie's Canine Rescue & Rehome at a Glance

Ellie's Canine Rescue & Rehome, is a dog rescue and rehome not for profit charity created by founders Vicky and Nicole.

We take dogs on from New Zealand pounds that have not found homes, take in private surrenders, run a community desexing program and provide emergency dog boarding i.e. domestic abuse situations.

We desex, microchip, vaccinate, flea and worm treat every dog/puppy before adoption.

We are based in Wellington, but are willing to assist outside Wellington Area.
We  do not have a shelter/base, we place our dogs into foster volunteer homes where they are taught the basics and cared for until adopted.

Please contact us with any inquires and support our cause.

Thank you


Foster a Dog Save a Life

We are always in need of volunteer foster parents. Do you have a fully fenced, dog proof section? Are you an experienced dog owner? Do you work part-time or work from home? Are you doggy mad and patient?
You could be a perfect foster parent.

Please consider fostering with us we will support you through your journey, thank you.


Contact Ellie's Canine Rescue & Rehome

To get in touch with Ellie's Canine Rescue & Rehome please submit your enquiry below or email us.
Other wise head over to our Facebook page and send us a message on Messenger and like our page

We do not have a shelter/base


Thank You!

Without the help, support and kindness of so many we could not continue to do what we do.
Thank you to all those who help us with donations, support, sharing/supporting our Facebook page and Especially those that Foster for us.

We would like to recognize a few companies that have offered us some incredible kindness and support, we can wholeheartedly say that we use and recommend these products.

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