Dogs for Adoption

Thank you for thinking about adopting a dog through Ellie's.
Please do not apply if you are in are in a renting situation. We apologise if this offends, however 80% of dogs we take in are from renting situations. Unfortunately we have been bitten too many times when we have allowed renters to adopt.

As part of the adoption process we cover flea/worm, vaccinations, desex and microchip costs.

For pups - any vaccinations, flea & worm treatment which falls in the two week trial period. After the two week trial period the only thing we cover is the desex and microchip (if not already done).
For pups over 6 mths and dogs - We aim to vaccinate, microchip and desex before they leave foster, but if they go straight away them we cover vaccinations, microchip and desex. One lot of flea and worm treatments when they arrive. We don't cover boosters.
Vaccinations is DHP and Kennel Cough only, not lepto.

If you see a dog you would like to adopt please click the button below for a form.