Question: Where are you located?
Answer: We do not have a shelter or a place we keep all the dogs. Each dog is in a different foster family, these are scattered around Wellington Area.

Question: We want to make sure the dog gets on with our current pets? Can we do a Trail?
Answer: Yes, the first two weeks are a trial and your donation would be refunded if it does not work out. The best way to know if a dog is going to be a good fit with your family is by doing a trial.

Question: What does the dog come with?
Answer: Every dog comes vaccinated, micro-chipped, wormed and flea treated. All dogs are desexed, if the dog is to young arrangements will be made for this to be done at appropriate age.

Question : Can you provide food during the trial?

Answer: Yes, we can provide food during the trial.

Question: Is the dog safe/good with cats?
Answer: We often do not know, we try and cat test however it is recommended that introductions to cats are slow and controlled when unsure.

Question: We are wanting a puppy, how often do you get pups?
Answer: We often get litters of Pups every couple of months. All Dogs and Pups will be listed on out Trademe page and on Facebook, so follow us.

Question: How Often do you get Purebreds and non shedding dogs?
Answer: Every now and then we will get one.