Fostering Information

Help give a dog a second chance.

Ellie's rescue has no base of operations or kennels. All dogs that we save are fostered by amazing volunteers  from around our community, they are our superheroes.
Fosters look after the dogs in their home providing love, food, shelter, water, safety, training and exercise like they would their own pet.

It can be truly hard to say good-bye, but it is a really rewarding experience knowing you have saved that dog.

Ellie's provides everything required to the foster family including food, bedding, bowls, and a crate if needed. All dogs are treated for fleas and worms and we pay for all the vet visits for the dog/puppy.
A typical foster placement varies from 2 weeks to 2 months.

Requirements for fostering:

  • All of our dogs are to be indoor dogs and not be chained.

  • Fully fenced, secure property

  • Time to devote to training and socializing the dog or puppy

  • the ability to get them to vet appointment for de-sexing, vaccinations and microchipping.

  • Able to send photos and updates to us so that we can accurately find suited forever homes

  • Patience for the dog or puppy

  • Be willing to give the dog AT LEAST 5 days to settle in before returning the foster dog.

What to Expect

  • The Dog may not be house trained.

  • You existing dog and the foster might not get on immediately

  • The dog may have been abused before and skittish / shy.

  • When a rescue feels safe and at home, you will see a new side of the dog and see them open up to you.

  • We will be there to support you and we will provide everything we can to make sure you are safe and looked after.

If you would like to foster for us and open your home to a foster dog please click on the link below and submit the linked form.

If you have any questions you would like to ask click the Facebook icon below and message us.